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UA Aero aim to rejuvenate regional travel


Living in this technology century, it’s elapsed due to the dawn of the commercial aviation, all of the air transport has become not as special as in the past.

Yeah, I know it’s definitely everyone’s dream come true to fly all around the world, without charging any fees, just travel around the world as you wish.

Yet, it will be easy to fly halfway around the world than to just travel to somewhere near you. Therefore, many people try not to take air transport when they are going to a destination that is near, like within the country, or just your neighbour country. For example, Singapore to Malaysia.

Treat this as one of the processes, from your original destination, you need to travel with your own car or public transport like taxi, train etc. After that, you need to wait in line in order to pass through the security.

Plus, you have to wait for a long time just to board at the gate. You, with all of the other passengers in the public transport will need to wait for the public transport there for some time after you have reached your destination.

Is like you are repeating the cycle every day. You need to estimate and spend around 60% of your travel time just to complete all these procedures in order to be fully considered as “landed” to your destination fully.

I totally understand that putting up delays or any type of situation which will cause inconvenience would be easier by just shifting it into short-haul air transport experience, and most important part is, the travel fees must be cheaper than what is charging now.

I have to tell it is totally not that case, all because of the large amount of take-offs and landings with small jet engines that needs to burn large amounts of fuel which is very pricey.

In the past, let me tell you, the operation of airline, in the Aerospace industries, and in many countries will make a great use of y12-f malaysia the airports just to spread throughout the entire country.

Now, most of the nation in the world. Just a small percentage of the airports will be carrying more than 90% of the air traffic.

All of all, followed by the rollout of hybrid and electric vehicles onto our roads and just now entering our waterways, conventional fossil-fuelled aircraft will soon become relics of the past.

All of the air travel, have already slowly increase from time to time as it has already become lesser and lesser connecting point, and is becoming personal and local kind of feeling again.

To conclude what I have mentioned just now, change is always in the air, and soon. It’s almost been such a long time to come for the UA Aerospace Malaysia.

Very soon in the near future, traveling to thousands or millions of kilometres will be very normal to all of us, since it is strolling onto a hybrid airplane, and is taking a quicker flight to the regional airport closest to your desired destination.

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