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Cup Of Joe Ideas for Coffee Lover Like You!


Cup Of Joe Ideas for Coffee Lover Like You!

Have you ever thought of brewing the most wonderful taste cup of joe? Has it ever crossed your mind how different types of coffee are being made? Do you even bother where the heck does your coffee come from? If you’re interested to know, keep on reading to learn more!

A coffee press, hands down bring the most wonderful tasting coffee of all time. Instant coffee on the other hand will be a little slack in its taste due to over-processing. As for whole bean coffee, it shall give you the most exquisite flavour and delicate aroma. You should get the beans grind by hour own hands in order to get that original taste.

If you’re craving for a hearty flavour coffee, you can try using a French press as oils from the coffee will remain at the bottom of the brew which results in richer taste. If you are using drip-style machine, the filter will block the oils from mixing into the drink thus snatching its rich flavour away from the joe.

Another thing to note is to make sure no air is being trapped in your container which stores the coffee. Beans that are coming into contact with air will make them go stale and result in a bad tasting coffee. You should also avoid using square bags as you can never breakfree the air once you open the seal. The bags main purpose is only to cool down freshly roasted beans.

What about lattes? I mean who doesn’t love lattes right? Are you planning to make one straight from your kitchen? All you gotta do is to practice decorating the surface of the coffee with floral heart designs or perhaps a cat bathing in the coffee to amuse your guests. You can even use some chocolate syrup or milk to make it taste and look better.

All in all, there are a few tips you need to consider in making the best homemade coffee from your kitchen. You can now make one of your own and enjoy your brewed joe every morning without going to a cafe of food and pastries in damansara before going to work.

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